Radio Station Contest
Reading Comprehension Activity

Author: RV Staff Writer J.C.

Zoe and Alexis are sad because they don’t have tickets to their favourite band’s show. When the radio station offers a concert ticket giveaway, the girls get one chance to win – can they do it? This activity also includes Dolch sight words from the pre-primer and primer lists.

Topic(s): Realistic Fiction. Skill(s): Character Traits, Fact & Opinion, Story Elements. Genre(s): Prose

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Alexis and Zoe were sitting at the kitchen table doing homework. They were having a hard time concentrating on their assignment because the radio station was playing music from their favourite band, the Shape Shifters. 
“I can’t believe the Shifters are going to be playing here and we can’t go!” Alexis moped.
“I know,” pouted Zoe. “Tickets were sold out in five minutes, and even if we could get some, they are so-o-o expensive!” 
“It’s totally unfair,” said Alexis. “They should give the tickets to their biggest fans first!” 
“You mean us, right?” 
“Obviously,” laughed Alexis. “Everyone knows we’re their number one fans.” 
Zoe turned the radio up a little louder. Their favourite song was on, and the girls had an impromptu dance party right there in the kitchen. Using a pencil and a banana as microphones, they belted out the lyrics they knew so well. 
As it ended, they collapsed into their seats again. The radio disc jockey started talking about the concert. 
“That was ‘Fake it ‘til You Make It,’ by the Shape Shifters,” the D.J. announced loudly. 
“They are playing in town this weekend, and we’re giving away two tickets to Saturday’s sold-out show, right now! We’re looking for the 10th caller who can correctly answer this question: Who is the oldest member of the Shape Shifters?” 
Alexis and Zoe looked at each other. They couldn’t believe how easy the question was. 
“It’s Georgie!” said Alexis.
“No, it’s Natasha,” answered Zoe.
“What do you mean?” asked Alexis. “Everyone knows Georgie is 29, he’s much older than the rest of the band.”
“Yeah, I know he’s the oldest person, but the question was who’s the oldest member of the band. Natasha started the band when she was just 15. The others joined the group after her.”
“But…” Alexis wasn’t convinced. 
 As they listened, they heard the D.J. taking calls from excited fans. 
“Caller Number Three, you’re up! Who is the oldest member of the Shape Shifters?”
“It’s Georgie,” said the nervous voice through the radio speakers. 
“Wrong again,” boomed the D.J.. “Nobody seems to know the answer! Next caller!”
Alexis turned to Zoe. “You’re right! It is about who has been in the band the longest! CALL THE STATION NOW!” 
The girls scrambled for the phone and Zoe punched in the numbers as fast as her fingers could fly. 
“It’s ringing!” 
The girls stood together, ears pressed to the phone, and held their breath. 
After what felt like eternity, a familiar-sounding voice answered. 
“Okay, let’s see who’s next! Hello, caller, you’re on the air!”
“Oh my gosh, Hi!” The girls yelped excited. 
“Hello, girls,” crooned the announcer. “You are lucky caller number 10!” 
Alexis and Zoe cheered. 
The D.J. continued. “Nobody seems to know the answer to our concert question. Do you?” 
Zoe piped up. “We think so!” 
“I hope so. If you get it right, you’ll win two tickets to Saturday’s sold out show!” said the D.J.
“Okay,” Zoe said breathlessly. “We think people didn’t understand the question. Georgie is the oldest *person* in the Shape Shifters, but you asked which *member* was the oldest – and that means who has been in the band the longest: that’s Natasha!”
The girls waited, unable to move. The kitchen clocked ticked, stretching out each slow second. Were they wrong? Were they going to miss out on their only chance to see their favourite band in the whole world?
The D.J. sounded serious. “What are your names, ladies?” 
“I’m Zoe, here with my best friend, Alexis!” 
“Well…” the D.J. drawled, making the girls tense up with anticipation. “Congratulations, Zoe and Alexis!” he shouted. “You’ve won two tickets to the Shape Shifters’ concert!”
The girls screamed, dropping the telephone in their frenzy. They picked it hastily and could hear the announcer chuckling on the other end. 
“You sound a little excited about it,” he said. “You must be big fans of the band.” 
“The BIGGEST!” answered the girls, hugging each other happily. 

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Get the passage & questions on one printable PDF.

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