Sophie’s First Dance Recital
Reading Comprehension Activity

Sophie is nervous about her very first dance recital. How will she ever dance in front of so many people? Mom has an idea that just might work!

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Sophie was dressed and all ready for her very first dance recital. When she started dance class last year, she didn’t know about the recital. She heard people talk about the recital but she didn’t know what it was. The recital was a chance for all of the parents and grandparents to see the dance students dance. It was at the high school every year and Sophie was going to dance on the stage in front of everyone. She did not like the thought of that. It scared her.

Yesterday she practiced her dance for the first time on the stage. There were only a few moms watching so it wasn’t too bad. But the thought of dancing in front of lots of people tonight was really scary. 

“All ready to go?” Mom asked.

“Yes. I guess,” Sophie said.

“You don’t sound like you are ready. What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know. I don’t feel so good. I’m kind of afraid.”

Mom sat on the edge of Sophie’s bed. “Remember yesterday when you practiced and I was right in the front row? You did just fine!”

“But today there will be so many people!”

“When you go out on the stage, you just look right where I was sitting yesterday. I will be in that same seat. You just look at me and it will be just like yesterday! Let’s go!”

“What about the rest of the family?”

“They are coming in the other car. We have to be there a little early.”

Sophie thought about what her mom said all the way to the high school. Mom was always right, but Sophie wasn’t sure about this time. She still hated the thought of dancing in front of all those people.

When it was time for her to dance Sophie thought about what Mom told her. She sure hoped Mom was right. Her belly felt like butterflies were flying inside it. The music began to play. She followed the other girls in her class onto the stage and took her place. Right away, she looked for Mom. There she was! Right in the front row! Mom smiled and gave Sophie a thumbs up. Sophie smiled back and started dancing, never looking away from Mom. Before she knew it, the dance was done and she was walking off the stage.

After the dance, Sophie ran up to mom in the hall of the school. 
“You were right, Mom! It was like I was dancing just for you!”

“You did so good! I’m so proud of you! You can dance for me any time!”

Sophie walked out of the school, holding Mom’s hand. She could still see the smile Mom had on her face as Sophie danced. Sometimes, Mom was just the best!

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Get the passage & questions on one printable PDF.

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