The Apple Tree
Reading Comprehension Activity

Author: RV Staff Writer E.T.

The last time Kim visited her uncle’s farm, in was spring. Things look very different now that it’s summer – especially the apple tree outside the kitchen window. Follow Kim as she learns about how the apple tree grows and changes throughout the year. Students will read the passage and answer follow-up questions about character and other story elements. This passage includes words from the pre-primer and primer Dolch sight words lists.

Topic(s): Realistic Fiction. Skill(s): Summary, Character Traits, Fact & Opinion. Genre(s): Prose

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Kim lived in the city. There were many tall buildings and streets. Kim liked all the cars and noise, but she also wished she had a back yard to play in. She was happy when they visited her Uncle George in the country. He lived on a farm where there were green fields and many trees.
The last time Kim saw her uncle, it was in May. She played with baby lambs and helped gather eggs from the busy hens. Her favorite part of the farm was the tree outside the kitchen window. It was covered in white flowers with pink centers. The blossoms smelled good, too. She couldn’t wait to see the beautiful flower tree again.
When Kim got to the farm, she ran to the kitchen window first. The tree was still there, but there were no flowers. It had green leaves just like every other tree. She ran outside to get a better look.
The tree didn’t smell good any more. It was just a plain tree with green leaves. “Uncle George, what happened to the pretty tree?” she asked. Kim felt like she could cry.
“The flowers on an apple tree only last for a few weeks,” Uncle George said. “Now that it’s summer, they are gone.”
“What apple tree?” Kim asked. “This was a flower tree.”
Uncle George laughed. “Look closer,” he said.
Kim leaned into the tree and moved the leaves with her hands. She saw small, green fruits on the branches. “These are too small to be apples,” Kim said.
“They’re not big now, but they will grow all summer. By the fall, this tree will be covered in big, red apples to eat,” Uncle George explained. “The flowers bring the bees, and the bees bring the pollen. When the tree doesn’t need the flowers any more, they fall off and make room for the apples to grow.”
Kim thought the apples looked more like green cherries right now. “Can I eat one now?” she asked.
“Well, you could, but it wouldn’t taste good,” Uncle George said. “You’ll have to come back in October and help me pick all the apples. Then you can eat as many as you like.”
Kim was very happy. She couldn’t wait to see what the tree looked like when the apples were ripe. “It’s a deal!” she said.

Comprehension Questions

Get the passage & questions on one printable PDF.

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