The Battle Between King Arthur and King Colgrin
Reading Comprehension Activity

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table need to prepare for battle. Unfortunately, Sir Tristan thinks he knows better than King Arthur. Students will read the tale and answer questions about the plot and the story details.

Topic(s): Adventure / Thriller, Folklore, Myths & Legends, Historical Fiction. Skill(s): Summary, Story Elements. Genre(s): Prose

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King Arthur yelled from atop his trusty steed, Llamrei. “Sir Galahad! Call the knights together. Messengers just alerted me that we will be attacked in a fortnight.”

Sir Galahad waved to King Arthur and rode off. The next day all the knights were assembled at the round table.

“Men,” said King Arthur. “We must ready for an attack by King Colgrin. We have less than 14 days to prepare.  

“Sir Percivale, you will take men and dig deep trenches all around the east, south, and west sides of the castle. Colgrin is expected to attack from the south, but we must be prepared.

“Sir Tristan, you will secure the cliff side on the north side of the castle. While I don’t think they will come by sea and climb the cliff, better to be safe.

“The rest of you men will organize the troops and prepare the castle.

“Sir Galahad, you will oversee the ready.”

Without saying a word, the knights got up and hurried to their work.

Sir Tristan though didn’t think King Colgrin would come by sea. He thought it would be a waste of time to have men dig ditches or take other measures to secure the north side of the castle. He didn’t post an outlook there either.

The days passed and finally, the trumpet sounded. King Colgrin and his army had scaled the cliffs and were already advancing from the north.

King Arthur jumped onto Llamrei and raced to head his army in battle. When he got to the cliffs, he saw that nothing was prepared. Colgrin’s army had steadily advanced on the castle through the night.

King Arthur’s heart sank. They had no defenses in place. All he could do was unsheathed his sword and hold it high. “Charge!”

Swords clanked. Arrows and spears flew. The battle raged on and on.

King Colgrin and his army kept advancing. They were close to winning the battle and overtaking the castle.

Suddenly, the sky blackened. Fifty dragons flew overhead breathing fire on King Colgrin and his army. They began to flee northward from where they came.

King Arthur’s men raised their swords high and yelled.

The dragons kept on the enemy’s tail until they were out of sight.

King Arthur felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned to see Merlin.

“Hello, my friend,” said Merlin. “My trusted falcon warned me that you were in need of my help.”

“Aye, Merlin. I should have known. We were unprepared for this battle. If not for you, we might have lost the castle. Thank you. I must now take care of something.”

The King rode through his army till he found Sir Tristan. “Sir,” yelled the King. “You endangered the men and the castle. Lives were lost because of you. There is no excuse for disregarding my orders.”

Sir Tristan couldn’t look the King in the eyes. “I’m sorry, my King.”

“Being sorry would not have saved us from this battle. You are a disgrace and banished from the Knights of the Round Table.”

Sir Tristan rode off, never to be seen at the castle again.

Comprehension Questions

Get the passage & questions on one printable PDF.

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