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Sword Fight

by William Shakespeare from Romeo and Juliet

Act III passage: Everything seemed to be going so we...

507 Words, 8th-10th Grades, Figurative Language, Story Elements, and Summary

Here’s the Spin on Tornadoes

by RV Staff Writer J.C.H.

Tornadoes are a destructive force of nature. This pa...

495 Words, 5th-7th Grades, Context Clues and Summary

Pinocchio Will Not Take His Medicine

by Carlo Collodi from The Adventures of Pinocchio

Chapter XVII passage: In 1883 Carlo Collodi wrote "...

423 Words, 2nd-4th Grades, Context Clues and Summary

Charlie Meets His Match

by RV Staff Writer J.C.

A lone chipmunk was settling in for the winter when ...

717 Words, 3rd-5th Grades, Character Traits, Context Clues, and Figurative Language

Biography: Dorothea Lynde Dix

by Mary Stoyell Stimpson from The Child's Book of American Biography

Dorothea Dix was an 18th century activist for the me...

957 Words, 3rd-5th Grades, Context Clues, Main / Central Idea, and Summary

The Gold Rush: Rise of the Golden State

by RV Staff Writer J.C.H.

Gold! That was the cry in 1849 as the world began to...

453 Words, 5th-8th Grades, Context Clues and Summary

Pip Meets a Criminal

by Charles Dickens from Great Expectations

Chapter I passage: Charles Dickens published "Great ...

820 Words, 9th-12th Grades, Point of View, Story Elements, and Summary

What Does Bandit Want?

If only dogs could talk! Bandit wakes Alexis up one morning with something on his mind, but Alexis is having trouble figuring o...

331 Words, K-2nd Grades, Story Elements and Summary


by Mark Twain from The Innocents Abroad

Chapter VII passage: Mark Twain is known for his fic...

496 Words, 8th-12th Grades, Main / Central Idea and Summary

The Secret Box

Juanita loves to play in the attic, but one day she discovers a box she never noticed before. What's inside is a mystery that s...

404 Words, 2nd-3rd Grades, Context Clues, Story Elements, and Summary