Words for Kids (A-Z Word Lists)

Below you’ll find links to each of our word lists for kids, broken out by letters of the alphabet. The lists you’ll find are designed to copy and paste into various activities you might be creating for your classroom or at home. We’ve also written a short narrative story before each of the lists that you may also find fun and helpful when teaching from the list.

We’ve broken each of the lists down into segments like CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) Words, Closed Syllables, Open Syllables, Silent Vowel Pairs (or Teams), R-Controlled Vowels, Final Stable Syllables, plus animal words, technology words, and more!

1, 2, K, Pre-K
CCSS Standard
Reading: Foundational Skills, RF.2
NGLS Standard
Reading: Foundational Skills, RF.2

Word Lists from A-Z