Y Words for Kids

Check out our selection of Y words for kids below, suitable for vocabulary lessons. We’ve also provided some fun text ideas that you can use by copying and pasting into your lesson materials.

Yippie, let’s go to Yonkers! In this series, our alphabet friends, A through Z, become tourists in America’s cities. At each of their stops, letters dig into their supplies in order to learn a new word study skill or vocabulary term. 

Y has packed its backpack for Yonkers, NY! During Y’s trip, Y is excited to learn about different syllable features and patterns with the help of some wonderful word lists in Y‘s backpack. Y is looking forward to exploring Yonkers, a city in New York that is rich in history and activity, reviewing technology words that begin with “y”, and learning all about communication words, like emotions, traits, and other words that start with the letter “y”. 

Tip: Best educational practices related to word study include: read-alouds, discussion, and writing. It is important to build rich connections between readers and the vocabulary words they learn. For instance, discuss sample sentences and make other personal associations to bolster recall, decoding, and encoding. As always, remember that some words may require frontloading and framing depending on the learner’s age, background, and needs. Helpful reminders for readers: A vowel is a speech sound produced by letters a, e, i, o, u and sometimes y. A consonant is a speech sound produced by all of the other letters in the alphabet. 

CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) Words: “Do you think we’ll see a yak?” asks a silly letter Y as it visits the Yonkers Animal Shelter. Y helps the team members care for the animals, plays with the animals, and learns all about pet adoption. Later on, Y takes a moment to review a list of CVC words in its backpack. CVC words have a specific order: one consonant, followed by a vowel, followed by another consonant. Examples of CVC words include “cat,” “sit,” and “fun.” Below is a short list of consonant-vowel-consonant words that begin with “y.”


Closed Syllables: Before going to its next stop, Y takes a moment to review a second list of words and checks its map. The next list of “y” words have closed syllables. When the vowel of a syllable is short, the syllable is closed off by one or more consonants. Examples of closed syllable words include “hat,” “pin,” and “dotted.”


Open Syllables: Y immerses itself in the vibrant art scene of Yonkers at a local art gallery. It admires stunning paintings, sculptures, and mixed-media installations created by talented artists. Inside its backpack, Y reads the next list about open syllables. Open syllables have a vowel sound that is long and ends with a vowel. Because there is no consonant after the vowel in the syllable, the vowel is able to make the long sound, which sounds exactly like the name of the letter that makes the sound in that syllable. Examples of open syllable words include “no,””me,” and “hi.” The “o” in “no” sounds just like how “o” is identified by name. The “i” in “hi” sounds just like how “i” is identified by name. Here’s a short list of open syllable words that begin with “y.”


Silent Vowel Pairs (or Teams): “Yesss… time to relax,” says Y! Y joins a serene yoga session in one of Yonkers’ beautiful parks. Y practices calming poses and deep breathing to stimulate mindfulness and overall well being. Nice work, Y! Y takes a break to review a list of words from its backpack. Silent vowel pairs have two vowels together: one of them stays silent. Examples of silent vowel pair words include “boat,” “rain,” and “suit.” Even though the vowels are a pair or team, the first vowel to appear in the pair makes the sound. Sometimes the team of vowels make an entirely new sound. Below is a list of words that begin with “y” that have a silent vowel pair.


R-Controlled Vowels: Y’s next adventure is to sail through the Hudson River Museum! This museum has so many options for Y to learn and explore Yonkers’ history and the importance of the Hudson River! This Westchester County museum has gorgeous galleries, an awesome planetarium, an expansive amphitheater, and several educational spaces to help Y along! “Why not?!” asks Y! After a time, Y sits down to look at the next list in its backpack. This list is all about “R” and how it can be a bossy letter. “Yikes!” says Y. R-controlled vowels happen when a vowel is controlled by the letter “r.” Examples of r-controlled vowels include “car,” “bird,” and “fern.” Y reviews the list below:


“Y” in Animals: Y walks next door for a big, big treat. Y’s next stop is to the absolutely breathtaking Untermyer Gardens! “Wow” yelps Y! Untermyer Gardens is a historic 43-acre public park complete with several gardens, fountains, and unparalleled views of the Hudson River! Y enjoys the views and looks for the next list in its backpack. This list has animals whose names begin with the letter “y.” Let’s read along with Y!

yakyellow-jacketyetiyellowfin tuniayellow-bellied marmot

“Y” in Technology: Y enjoys another list all about technology during its visit to Yonkers! This next list is all about technology that begins with “y!” Let’s look at the list from Y’s backpack:


“Y” in Communication: Yonkers is rich in history, and Y sets out to explore its fascinating landmarks. It visits the majestic Philipse Manor Hall. Long ago, Philipse Manor expanded over 200,000 acres and thus made the Philipse family the wealthiest in all of New York state. It has had several owners and uses and is available for tours. After a tour, Y reviews the next list in its backpack. Here are some “Y” nouns, adjectives, and verbs that readers and communicators should become familiar with.

yabberyawnyik yakyowlyouthful