100 Descriptive Essay Topics

The list of descriptive essay topics I provided is designed to offer a wide range of subjects for writers to explore. Each category—Place, People, Objects, and Memories—has its own set of unique and thought-provoking topics aimed at sparking creativity and providing an opportunity to practice descriptive writing. Check out our narrative essay topics and writing prompts too. Planning a debate? You’ll also love our funny debate topics.

Structure and Scope

  1. Place: This category focuses on locations that might be personal, fictional, or public. Some topics, like describing your ideal bedroom or favorite place, are closer to the heart and allow for introspection. Others, like describing a famous landmark or a museum, enable the writer to convey a more factual, informative perspective.
  2. People: This section covers a variety of relationships and characters. Topics range from describing family members and friends to fictional heroes and people the writer may have only met once but left a lasting impression. The goal here is to capture the essence of the person and what makes them unique or memorable.
  3. Objects: Objects often hold sentimental, utilitarian, or aesthetic value. This category gives the writer a chance to explore everyday objects or those that hold special meaning. From items like childhood toys and treasured gifts to everyday tools like smartphones and backpacks, the topics encourage detailed observation and description.
  4. Memories: Memories can be powerful writing triggers. They evoke emotions, set scenes, and often include a variety of elements like people, places, and objects. The topics in this category are intended to make writers delve into their past experiences to bring forth descriptive essays filled with nostalgia, lessons learned, or moments that left an impact.

Grade Appropriateness

The topics are designed to be versatile enough for a variety of age groups and skill levels. Younger students can benefit from simpler topics that focus on familiar people or objects. Older or more advanced writers can tackle topics that require deeper thought, like describing a person you disagree with but still respect, or a place that makes you feel nostalgic.


The primary objective of this list is to stimulate creativity and encourage writers to paint vivid pictures with words. The range of topics is broad enough to engage a variety of interests and themes. It also allows the writer to tap into their own experiences, perceptions, and emotions, thus making the essay more authentic and engaging.

Overall, this list aims to be a useful resource for teachers, students, or anyone interested in improving their descriptive writing skills.

Here’s the list!

Descriptive Essay Topics: Place

  1. Describe a place where you feel completely content.
  2. Describe your school’s cafeteria.
  3. Describe a crowded shopping mall.
  4. Describe an amusement park.
  5. Describe your dream house.
  6. Describe a place where you experienced a moment of solitude.
  7. Describe a tourist attraction in your country.
  8. Describe a historical building you’ve visited.
  9. Describe your grandmother’s kitchen.
  10. Describe a fictional place you’d love to visit.
  11. Describe a place you visited as a child but haven’t been back to since.
  12. Describe your workplace.
  13. Describe the inside of a spaceship.
  14. Describe the most frightening place you’ve ever been.
  15. Describe a famous landmark.
  16. Describe a place that makes you feel nostalgic.
  17. Describe a city you’ve always wanted to visit.
  18. Describe your favorite restaurant.
  19. Describe the setting of your favorite book or movie.
  20. Describe a place you would live in if money were no object.
  21. Describe your first apartment.
  22. Describe a scenic spot in nature.
  23. Describe your school library.
  24. Describe an exotic market.
  25. Describe your idea of a utopia.

Descriptive Essay Topics: People

  1. Describe a person you admire from history.
  2. Describe a character from a book or movie.
  3. Describe a neighbor.
  4. Describe a baby.
  5. Describe your childhood hero.
  6. Describe a person you’ve only met once but never forgot.
  7. Describe your favorite fictional hero.
  8. Describe a teacher who inspired you.
  9. Describe your coach.
  10. Describe a person you disagree with but still respect.
  11. Describe a character who is evil but fascinating.
  12. Describe a person who has influenced you.
  13. Describe a family member you are closest to.
  14. Describe someone you know who is very different from you.
  15. Describe the first person you ever fell in love with.
  16. Describe a person who makes you laugh.
  17. Describe someone who is a mentor to you.
  18. Describe someone you find mysterious.
  19. Describe a celebrity who seems down-to-earth.
  20. Describe your best friend from childhood.
  21. Describe someone who is charismatic.
  22. Describe a sibling or cousin.
  23. Describe a friend you lost contact with.
  24. Describe someone you consider a hero.
  25. Describe a person who seems ordinary but has an extraordinary talent.

Descriptive Essay Topics: Objects

  1. Describe an object that you associate with your childhood.
  2. Describe a piece of art that moved you.
  3. Describe a gift you’ve given or received.
  4. Describe a book that has changed your life.
  5. Describe an old photograph.
  6. Describe your favorite watch or piece of jewelry.
  7. Describe a technical gadget you rely on.
  8. Describe your school bag or backpack.
  9. Describe an item you regret losing.
  10. Describe an unusual object you own.
  11. Describe an object that symbolizes your family.
  12. Describe your computer or tablet.
  13. Describe a game board or card game that you enjoy.
  14. Describe a childhood relic you still keep.
  15. Describe your favorite mug or cup.
  16. Describe a piece of clothing that makes you feel confident.
  17. Describe a musical instrument you play.
  18. Describe a souvenir you bought from a trip.
  19. Describe an antique you own.
  20. Describe a letter or postcard you’ve kept.
  21. Describe a collectible item you own.
  22. Describe an object you built or crafted.
  23. Describe an item you own that is environmentally friendly.
  24. Describe an heirloom.
  25. Describe an object that makes you feel nostalgic.

Descriptive Essay Topics: Memories

  1. Describe your most vivid childhood memory.
  2. Describe a time you won something.
  3. Describe a Christmas memory.
  4. Describe the first time you traveled alone.
  5. Describe a time you tried something new.
  6. Describe a time you got lost.
  7. Describe a winter memory.
  8. Describe a time you had to say goodbye.
  9. Describe your first date.
  10. Describe an event that made you grow up quickly.
  11. Describe a summer camp experience.
  12. Describe a family reunion.
  13. Describe a childhood birthday.
  14. Describe a moment you had stage fright.
  15. Describe your graduation day.
  16. Describe a wedding you attended.
  17. Describe a memory related to sports.
  18. Describe the first time you drove a car.
  19. Describe a time you received good or bad news.
  20. Describe an unexpected encounter.
  21. Describe a family holiday tradition.
  22. Describe your first day at a new job.
  23. Describe a funny memory.
  24. Describe a time when you had to make a difficult decision.
  25. Describe a memorable goodbye.