Adjective Worksheets

They’re amazing, illustrative, fun, and diverse! They’re adjectives! Adjectives are words that describe people, places, things, and ideas. Just as a magician uses different tricks and tools to engage their audience, communicators can use vivid adjectives to illustrate and clarify their expression. Adjectives elucidate meaning and there are many types and combinations of adjectives that can color any genre of writing. Below, you’ll find a variety of printable adjective worksheets!

As communicators, adjectives illuminate our creative expression. Writers should aim to include adjectives that are descriptive, quantitative, demonstrative, and possessive. These can be implemented naturally as writers draft and should be a deliberate (and fun!) part of the editing and revising process. If you’re looking to add more intrigue to your writing, keep a list of adjectives nearby and add them where you see fit! Sometimes, it is helpful to go back and add adjectives to make writing pieces more descriptive. That way, the reader can use his or her imagination to get a more interesting picture!

Printable Adjective Worksheets

Coordinate Adjectives Possessive Adjectives
Compound AdjectivesPredicate Adjectives
Demonstrative AdjectivesProper Adjectives
Descriptive AdjectivesAdjective Phrases

Example Worksheets

Printable Proper Adjectives Writing Activity
Descriptive Adjectives Roll the Dice Activity
Underline the Compound Adjectives Activity

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