Reading Strategies

We’ve included helpful articles below about several different types of reading strategies. Reading strategies are specific approaches and techniques used to improve various aspects of reading comprehension and efficiency. These strategies help readers engage with text, understand the content better, and retain information effectively. Employing these strategies can lead to more efficient reading, deeper understanding of the material, and increased retention.

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Choral Reading

“Ready? 1…2…3!” Choral reading is an energizing and confidence-building strategy that involves a group of individuals reading aloud together, creating a unified voice that amplifies the impact of the text. This fun and dynamic technique can be a valuable tool for educators and parents alike, encouraging fluency, comprehension, and collaboration.…

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Dialogic Reading: What Is It?

Let’s talk about it! Dialogic Reading can greatly enhance the language and literacy development of learners. This interactive reading style actively engages children in the storytelling process and encourages dialogue and critical thinking. Dialogic Reading, coined by Dr. Grover J. Whitehurst, is based on the idea that reading must involve…

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Onset and Rime

In the world of early literacy development, one powerful tool is the concept of onset-rime. You might remember this one from your own literacy skill journey. There are generally many worksheets, tools, and pieces that help a learner understand onset and rime. This approach, rooted in phonological awareness, has proven…

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Shared Reading: Tips and Strategies

The image of a dedicated educator reading to their students who are listening cozily on a colorful rug may come to mind when you think of shared reading. A critical and joyous part of early literacy development involves fostering a child’s love for reading and language. Shared reading not only…

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Reading Automaticity: Strategies and More

Reading is a fundamental skill that plays a vital role in a child’s academic success and overall development. Automaticity is an essential component of lifelong literacy and a successful career of learning. Automaticity refers to the ability to read effortlessly and accurately, with little conscious effort or attention required. This…

Alphabetic Principle Strategies Article Image

Alphabetic Principle: Strategies for Parents and Teachers

The Alphabetic Principle is the understanding that letters and letter combinations represent sounds and that these sounds combine to form words. It is an integral stepping stone toward reading and writing proficiency in early literacy development. For emergent readers, mastering the Alphabetic Principle aids a learner’s ability to decode language,…

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