SupportED Series for Educators

The SupportED Series shares tips, tools, insights, and resources on how to prioritize the well-being of educators and school-based professionals. As critical contributors to society, educators must understand the importance of nurturing their wellness. Through the promotion of self-care and a work-life balance, we believe we can help teachers combat burnout and thrive rather than merely survive.

SupportED Series Goal Setting and Gratitude image

SupportED Series: Goal-Setting and Gratitude

The new school year can bring excitement, nerves, and an adrenaline rush that will no doubt leave you ready for bedtime just after dusk. However, setting professional goals can be a great way to anchor yourself in passion projects and pursuits that can really re-ignite or spur love for your…

Finding Your Tribe Article Image

SupportED: Finding Your Tribe

The teaching profession can be rewarding, but also be rather demanding and therefore isolating. As a teacher, you may recall many moments when you knew you needed to eat lunch, but felt compelled to keep working and therefore shirked your sandwich for a quick bite of a (maybe bruised) banana…

The Beauty of Setting Boundaries Article Image

SupportED: The Beauty of Boundaries

The planning, the copying, the classroom decorating and preparation– it’s a lot! However, as any teacher knows, all of these items are rituals of “nesting” for a new school year to come. While all of those things are anticipated to take a great deal of time, it’s easy to find…