Concrete Noun Worksheets, Definition, and Examples

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Welcome to our concrete noun worksheets! In this series of worksheets, students will learn about one of the fundamental types of nouns. Concrete nouns are words that represent physical objects, substances, and phenomena that exist in the real world, and can be seen, touched, heard, tasted, or smelled. Some examples of concrete nouns include:

  • Chair, table, book
  • Dog, cat, bird
  • Tree, flower, grass
  • Water, air, fire
  • Music, noise, smell

By contrast, abstract nouns refer to ideas, concepts, emotions, or qualities that cannot be directly observed or measured, such as love, freedom, beauty, or intelligence.

Students typically start learning about concrete nouns in the early elementary grades, as part of their basic grammar and vocabulary lessons.

Printable Concrete Noun Activities


Students circle the concrete noun in each sentence.


Students color the flowers that have concrete nouns


In this activity, students set a 30 second timer and find as many concrete nouns as they can.


Students read each sentence and underline the concrete noun.


Students write sentences with the concrete and abstract nouns.


This activities has a few sections where students sort the nouns, write some sentences, and color the different nouns!

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