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Welcome to our main page for noun worksheets! Nouns are an important part of the English language and refer to people, places, things, or ideas. There are several different types of nouns, each with its own unique uses and rules.

Common and proper nouns are the two main types of nouns. Common nouns refer to general categories of people, places, things, or ideas, while proper nouns refer to specific individuals, places, organizations, or events. Collective nouns refer to groups of people or things, while compound nouns are made up of two or more words that together represent a single noun.

Abstract nouns refer to ideas or concepts that cannot be perceived by the five senses. Examples of abstract nouns include love, happiness, courage, and freedom. These nouns are typically contrasted with concrete nouns, which refer to physical objects that can be touched or perceived through the five senses.

Countable and uncountable nouns are used to describe things that can be counted or measured versus things that cannot.

Students typically start learning about different types of nouns in elementary school and continue to develop their understanding of nouns throughout their education.

Below you’ll find printable activities for each of the different noun types mentioned above.

Printable Noun Worksheets

Common and Proper Noun WorksheetsCollective Noun Worksheets
Abstract Noun WorksheetsCountable and Uncountable Noun Worksheets
Concrete Noun WorksheetsCompound Noun Worksheets
Regular and Irregular Plural Noun Worksheets

Example Worksheets

Plural Nouns and Irregular Plurals Printable Activity
Circle the Plural Nouns and Irregular Plurals Activity
Sort the Countable Nouns and Uncountable Nouns Worksheet

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