A Good Place to Hide
Reading Comprehension Activity

An escaped hamster is the focus of this passage. Students will read a story about the search for this wily pet and answer questions about the plot, narrative structure, context clues, and identifying a problem and its solution.

Topic(s): Realistic Fiction. Skill(s): Summary, Context Clues, Story Elements. Genre(s): Prose

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Jamie was daydreaming about becoming a detective when he nearly ran into Petra who came bursting out of her apartment. 

“Jamie! Help! Tia’s gone!” Petra said. 

“Oh no!” Jamie followed Petra inside.

 “Look,” Petra pointed at her hamster’s cage. “I didn’t shut it completely.” A tear trickled down her cheek. She had only had Tia a week.

“About how long ago was this?” Jamie asked. 

“Six or eight minutes. I’ve got to find her!” 

“She can’t be far,” Jamie said. “Are all the doors and windows closed?” 

Petra nodded. “And I looked under everything.” 

“Let’s get some more light,” Jamie said. 

Using a flashlight, Petra peeked under the couch. Jamie looked under the chairs and under the TV stand. Petra checked behind the bookcase. 

Jamie stopped to think. “It’s cool in here. Would she try to find a warm spot?” 

“Maybe!” Petra said. 

“Do hamsters like to burrow?” 

“Yes! They love holes and tunnels!” Petra said.

“Is she a good climber?” Jamie asked. 

“I think so.” 

“So let’s look for a warm spot, maybe off the floor, good for hiding,” Jamie said. 

Together the friends pulled the cushions off the furniture. No Tia. 

 “A warm spot for hiding,” Jamie repeated, scanning the room again. He noticed Petra’s unzipped backpack on the floor by a heating vent. 

Something moved. “Look, Petra!” Jamie pointed. “Did you see that?” they said at the same time. Tia! 

“You would make a great detective,” Petra said a minute later, cuddling her small pet. “You ask all the right questions.”

Comprehension Questions

Get the passage & questions on one printable PDF.

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