Big Dog and Little Dog
Reading Comprehension Activity

Big Dog and Little Dog are best friends. Usually Big Dog helps Little Dog, but one day things happen differently. Students will read the passage and answer follow-up questions about vocabulary and other story elements. This passage contains the following Dolch sight words: had, once, thank, house, and dog.

Topic(s): Humor. Skill(s): Character Traits, Fact & Opinion, Compare & Contrast. Genre(s): Prose

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Big Dog and Little Dog were best friends. They were both brown and liked to play. Even though they were the same age, Big Dog was very big, and Little Dog was very little. They lived next door to each other. Big Dog lived in a red house, and Little Dog lived in a blue house. There was no fence between their back yards. They played together every afternoon.

Most days, Little Dog needed Big Dog’s help. Little Dog’s favorite toys were kept on a high shelf. He could not reach them because he was too small. Big Dog had no trouble getting Little Dog’s balls or Frisbees, so they could play. When they were done, Big Dog always put the toys away neatly.

One day, the two friends decided to dig a hole in the yard. Little Dog wanted to bury his favorite ball for safe keeping. “Maybe I should go get my favorite ball, too,” said Big Dog. He ran to his porch and brought back an old baseball.

Little Dog dropped his ball in the hole. “There’s plenty of room for your ball,” he said.

Big Dog dropped his ball in the hole. The two dogs started using their paws to cover the balls with dirt. Little Dog had just buried the balls when Big Dog began to cry. “I think I want my ball back,” he said.

So Little Dog began to dig. Once he reached the baseball, he stepped back and said, “Here you go, Big Dog!”

Big Dog stepped to the hole and tried to get his ball. The hole was small, and Big Dog couldn’t fit his head into the hall. “I can’t reach it!” he cried.

“I can!” said Little Dog. Little Dog poked his nose into the hole and grabbed the baseball with his teeth. He gave it to Big Dog.

Big Dog wagged his tail. “Oh, thank you, Little Dog!”

“You’re welcome,” said Little Dog. He wagged his tail, too. Little Dog was happy to help his friend. “That’s what friends are for!”

Comprehension Questions

Get the passage & questions on one printable PDF.

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