Goldi’s Locks
Reading Comprehension Activity

Author: RV Staff Writer J.C.

After Goldilocks leaves the three bears, she reconsiders her actions and tries to make amends with a plan that leads to success. This “sequel” to the classic fairy tale tells the rest of the story. Students will read the passage and then answer questions on the language and the plot.

Topic(s): Fairy Tales & Fables. Skill(s): Summary, Figurative Language. Genre(s): Prose

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The little girl with the blonde curls ran as fast as she could away from the small cottage. The three bears stood in the doorway of their home and roared at her until she was finally out of sight. What a terrible person they thought she was, breaking into their home, eating all their porridge, and messing up their chairs and beds.

Goldilocks jumped over fallen logs, ducked under tree branches, and hopped across the stream on slippery rocks to get away. She didn’t stop until she came to the edge of the forest. There she dropped to her knees and gasped for air, breathing hard. She had never been so scared in her life! She thought perhaps the bears might have eaten her if they had caught her. But she had been so very tired and hungry when she found the cute little cottage in the woods and couldn’t help herself from going inside.
She got back up and limped all the way home. Her mother was surprised to see her with scratches on her arms and dirt on her dress and her beautiful hair tangled into a mess.

“My goodness, Goldilocks! Where have you been? You’ve missed your supper! Let’s get you cleaned up with a hot bath and I’ll warm up something for you to eat.” Her mother fussed and clucked over her like a protective hen.

“As long as it isn’t porridge,” mumbled Goldilocks.  

“What did you say?” her mother asked.

“Nothing,” said Goldilocks, as she slipped into the warm bath water with a heavy sigh.

The next day, Goldilocks woke up with an idea. The reason she had gotten herself into so much trouble was because the bears’ cottage door was unlocked. If it had been secured, she would not have gone inside,. Then the bear family would not have been upset that someone had entered their home. Goldilocks knew it had been a bad idea, but now she also knew how to fix it.

She packed a bag and bravely went back into the forest and found herself in front of the bears’ charming cottage. This time she knocked on the door and waited. Mama bear opened it.

“Oh, it’s you. We didn’t expect to see you here again. What do you want this time?” Mama Bear did not feel like being very polite.

“I want to apologize for what I did! It was wrong, and I would like to try and make it up to you.” Goldilocks was sheepish, but determined to help. “In my bag, I have a few things that may help.”

The girl took out some bolts and screws and pieces of shiny metal. “If I put these locks on your door and front gate, it will keep them closed. People will not be so quick to walk inside and help themselves, like I did.” Goldilocks took out a drill and screwdriver. She convinced Mama Bear to let her install the locks. Once she was done, she showed the bear family how the locks worked. They kindly accepted her apology. They also agreed that having doors and gates that locked when they were not home was probably a good idea.

In fact, the bears were so pleased with the locks they told their neighbors about them. Word spread quickly, and soon all the other families in her village started asking her for door locks too. She was so busy that she started up her own security company! She called it “Goldi’s Locks,” of course. She made so much money as the boss of her own business that she could buy all the nice chairs, beds, and delicious porridge she ever wanted. And her life was not too hard, not too soft, but just right.

Comprehension Questions

Get the passage & questions on one printable PDF.

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