Spooky the Scaredy Cat
Reading Comprehension Activity

Author: RV staff writer J.C.

When a scaredy cat named Spooky goes walking on Halloween, she is frightened by everything. But when she is asked to help her friend, she learns that being scary can be fun. Student will read the passage and respond to questions on the details, the theme, and the language. (Check our our Halloween words and activities too).

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Spooky was a black cat. But Spooky did not like Halloween. She did not like ghosts, and she did not like witches. She did not like scary things at all. Poor Spooky was a scaredy cat.

One night, she was out for her usual evening stroll. As she walked by one house, she was surprised by a creepy face shining in the darkness. It was a jack-o’-lantern. “MEOW!” yelled Spooky. “Get that thing away from me!” She ran from the house.

The cat walked further down the street. Spooky went to a garden where she sometimes liked to nibble the flowers. When she got close, she tripped and fell over a toy skeleton that was lying on the ground. Its hand was reaching up in the air. “MEOW!” shouted Spooky. “It’s trying to grab me!” She dashed away as quickly as she could.

Feeling very afraid now, Spooky decided to climb a tree. That would help her relax. She climbed out onto a branch. She was going to take a nap. Suddenly, a white ghost floated in front of her. It was hanging from the tree branch above her head. “MEOW!” screamed Spooky. “That’s it! I’m going home!” She raced as fast as she could back to her own door and cried to be let in.

“There you are, Spooky,” said Taylor, as she opened the door. “I’ve been looking for you. I need your help.” Taylor was Spooky’s favourite person. Spooky would give Taylor any help she wanted.

“I want you to come out trick-or-treating with me. I’m going to be a vampire and you can be my vampire bat. I even made these cool bat wings for you to wear!” Taylor held up a tiny set of shiny, black wings.

“Uh oh,” thought Spooky. She did not want to go back outside. It was too creepy. But she loved Taylor. She let the young girl put the bat wings on her. Spooky was not happy.

“Oh, cute!” said Taylor. She let Spooky see herself in the mirror. Spooky looked good! “Let’s go out and get some treats now,” the girl said. Spooky let out a sad cry to say she was scared. Taylor gave her a hug. “Don’t worry, you can sit on my shoulders and I’ll look after you. Okay?”

“Okay,” thought the cat. “If it makes Taylor happy, I will try.”

They got ready and went outside. The cat sat on the girl’s shoulders. Taylor went up to the first house and rang the doorbell. A short lady answered.

“Hello! What a fright you gave me!” said the lady.
“I’m a vampire, and this is my bat,” replied Taylor, smiling.

“Oh, that’s a very scary bat. Happy Halloween!” said the lady, putting candy in Taylor’s bag. Spooky’s green eyes opened wide in surprise. She was scary? This was new!

At every door Taylor and Spooky visited, people told them how frightening they looked. They gave Taylor Halloween treats, and sometimes gave Spooky cat treats or ear scratches. It made Spooky swish her tail with glee. She liked being a vampire bat! For the rest of the night, Spooky sat on Taylor’s shoulder and waved her tail at people. She was having a good time.

“Meow,” purred Spooky, happily. It was much more fun being scary instead of scared.

Comprehension Questions

Get the passage & questions on one printable PDF.

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