State of Being Verbs Worksheets, Definition, Examples

Below you’ll find our state of being verbs worksheets! Being verbs, often called “to be” verbs, help to connect a sentence’s subject with more information about its state or identity. The main being verbs are am, are, is, was, were, be, being, and been.

These verbs show different time periods. “Am,” “is,” and “are” are for the present, while “was” and “were” are for the past. “Be,” “being,” and “been” can be combined with other verbs to create different tenses. For example, to talk about the future, we can use the helping verb “will” with “be,” like in “I will be happy when it’s summertime!” This shows a future action or state.

To print the state of being verbs worksheets below, just click on the link and download to you computer or print from your browser.

Being Verbs Worksheets