Verb Conjugation Worksheets, Definition, Examples

Here are some helpful printable verb conjugation worksheets. Verb conjugation means changing the form of a verb to reflect its tense, person, number, mood, or voice. In other words, it’s the way verbs change to show the action’s timing, who’s performing it, and the verb’s relationship with other elements in the sentence.

Here are a few examples of verb conjugation:

  1. Present tense: I walk, you walk, he/she/it walks, we walk, they walk.
  2. Past tense: I walked, you walked, he/she/it walked, we walked, they walked.
  3. Future tense: I will walk, you will walk, he/she/it will walk, we will walk, they will walk.

Students typically start learning about verb conjugation in elementary school, as they begin to understand sentence structure and work on writing. Students will continue to learn about verb conjugation through high-school as there are an easy 100-200 commonly used verbs that can be conjugated.

Verb Conjugation Worksheets