What Animal Has the Biggest Eyes?

We saw that coming from a mile away! Ostriches are incredible animals. In fact, they boast the largest eyes of all land animals. Let’s keep an eye on this cool topic! Each Fun Fact Activity Packet contains one article, multiple choice questions and extended activities. For the earlier grade levels, there are many opportunities to get creative, like imaging all of the things an ostrich would see or designing a pair of glasses for an ostrich. For the upper grade levels, there’s an opportunity to connect learning to the United Nations’ global Sustainable Development Goals and learn about how ostriches play an important role in African ecosystems. Finally, the upper grade level activity packet also includes a connection to digital literacy, prompting learners to consider aiding the African Wildlife Foundation’s effort to deter the hunting of ostriches for their fashionable feathers.

Fun Facts About Animals With the Largest Eyes Activity Packets