InspirED Series for Educators

The InspirED Series is dedicated to empowering educators by sharing lessons, strategies, and ideas related to innovative and effective teaching, engaging and supportive learning environments, and inclusivity. Our mission is to ignite creativity and responsiveness to promote discussion and collaboration among school-based professionals who can help students achieve both personal and academic success.

InspirED Series: Gratitude Tree Activity image

InspirED: The Gratitude Tree

September is a great time to help your students fall absolutely in love with school. The beginning weeks can be chaotic and frenzied, but the new school year also holds all the promises of a fresh beginning, and importantly, a chance to reflect on what we’ve already accomplished as a…

Classroom Refrigerator Strategy Article Image

InspirED: Classroom Refrigerator Strategy

The beginning of a new school year is not only a time for students to return to their studies but also brings an opportunity to build a classroom community that can have a profound impact on those children. Teachers who foster opportunities for connectedness, contribution, and engagement can set the…

Mindfulness Corner Image

InspirED: Mindfulness Corner

Forget about the “Sunday Scaries,” the “September Scaries,” as any school professional knows, can plague both staff and students alike. While a new school year can be energizing and refreshing, it can also be both draining and hectic. As an educator, it’s important to find ways to turn your classroom…