CCSS Standard R.5 Worksheets (Literature & Informational Texts for ELA and Literacy)

Below you’ll find materials aligned to Common Core State Standards (CCSS). This page houses print-ready PDFs and digital PDF worksheets, packets, and lessons aligned to the CCSS standards for English Language Arts. Reading: Literature or Informational Texts, Standard 5 (R5) is “Analyze the structure of texts, including how specific sentences, paragraphs, and portions of the text (e.g., a section, chapter, scene, or stanza) relate to each other and the whole.” This standard applies to grades K-12.

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Mapping and Planning a Story Extension Activity Image

Mapping & Planning a Story Extension Activity

Unleash your students’ creativity with our Mapping and Planning a Story extension activity packet! These activities spark imagination and allow learners to understand the structure of stories and other text types. Through visual aids and guides, students will learn about how a story is arranged in order to reveal information,…

Text Feature Skills Extension Activities Image

Text Feature Skills Extension Activity

Need to help students understand certain features like graphs, charts, and maps? Us, too! Use this Text Feature Skills Extension Activity Packet to guide student practice and assess their understanding of these informational figures. Perfect for differentiation, these tools cater to diverse learning styles, ensuring every student becomes adept at…

text structure anchor chart

Text Structure Anchor Chart

Welcome to our text structure anchor chart resource page. When we analyze a story or any other text, it’s easy to become focused on the characters or information that’s relayed. However, anticipating and understanding a text’s structure is a critical skill that can make approaching genres, especially nonfiction, more meaningful.…

Text Features Anchor Chart

Text Features Anchor Chart

We’ve created helpful text features anchor chart resources below. Text features can sometimes be overlooked as we read the main body of a work, but these figures, diagrams, headings, and other elements are meant to help us understand the organization of a piece or provide us with a visual representation.…

Story Elements Anchor Chart - Elementary

Story Elements Anchor Chart

Below you’ll find printable story elements anchor chart resources. As both readers and writers, it’s important to understand story elements. This can help readers comprehend the depth of work that goes into crafting a story and provide multiple avenues for analysis. With characters, setting, symbols, and themes, there’s much to…

Cause and Effect Anchor Chart

Cause and Effect Anchor Chart

Here you’ll find our cause and effect anchor chart resources! Across many genres, understanding the connections between actions and consequences is an important part of unlocking the details of a text’s organizations and the implications of an event or other force (“cause”). Additionally, 21st century learners must be especially attuned…