Women's Rights Movement Reading Activity

Women’s History – Women’s Rights Movement Reading Activity

The month of March is Women’s History Month! During this month, people all over celebrate women and their achievements. Many of these achievements can be credited to the Women’s Rights Movement, which happened in the 1960s and 1970s. In these activities, students will read Passage A and B. The first…

Women's History Suffrage Reading Activity Image

Women’s History – Suffrage Reading Activity

March is Women’s History Month! During this month, people all over celebrate women and their achievements. It’s also a great time to learn about important events that have helped women move forward in society. The Women’s Suffrage Movement happened during the 1850s. Suffrage is the right to vote in elections.…

Women's History Month Educators Reading Activity

Women’s History – Educators Reading Activity

In this reading comprehension activity, students read two passages and answer related questions. The first passage is a speech by Maria Montessori. The second passage is part of a speech from Rita Pierson, who was a teacher for 40 years.

Author's Viewpoint Task Cards

Author’s Viewpoint Task Cards

What’s the author’s viewpoint? Let’s find out with these helpful author’s viewpoint task cards! Empower your students to reflect on how language reflects an author’s viewpoint, which is how the author feels about a topic. With the quotes provided, students will have an opportunity to determine whether the author’s viewpoint…

Designing Solutions Extension Activity Image

Designing Solutions Skills Extension Activity

Let’s think and plan with our Designing Solutions Skills Packet! Crafted for teachers instilling a passion for critical thinking, this resource guides students through real-world problem-solving scenarios. Differentiated for diverse learners, it fosters creativity and equips students with the skills needed to think about effective design solutions for others.This is…

Integrating Evidence Extension Activity Image

Integrating Evidence Extension Activity

Equip your students with the art of persuasive writing through our Integrating Evidence extension activity packet! Tailored for diverse learners, these activities immerse students in the nuances of integrating evidence effectively within their writing. This packet provides key words and phrases to transition details into a written response– a critical…

Note Taking Skills Extension Activity Image

Note Taking Skills Extension Activity

Note taking is a necessary skill for student and personal success! Transform note-taking into an art with our comprehensive Note Taking Skills Extension Activity Packet! Ideal for educators seeking to empower students with effective study habits, this resource facilitates note-taking skills and offers students a variety of options for exploring…

Mapping and Planning a Story Extension Activity Image

Mapping & Planning a Story Extension Activity

Unleash your students’ creativity with our Mapping and Planning a Story extension activity packet! These activities spark imagination and allow learners to understand the structure of stories and other text types. Through visual aids and guides, students will learn about how a story is arranged in order to reveal information,…

Opinion Based Writing Extension Activity Image

Opinion Based Writing Extension Activity

Inspire eloquent and persuasive expression and writing with our Opinion-Based Writing Packet! With the desire to nurture persuasive communication skills, this resource deepens students’ ability to articulate opinions. These exercises can support confident speaking and dialogue, so give it a try!. Additionally, this is a great tool for individual and…

Predicting Outcomes Extension Activity Image

Predicting Outcomes Extension Activity

Master the art of foresight with our Predicting Outcomes Extension Activity Packet! Ideal for educators shaping strategic thinking skills, this resource challenges students to analyze scenarios and anticipate results. This is also a great tool to promote organized discussion, teamwork, and empathy. A student’s ability to make informed predictions with…