8th Grade Worksheets & Activities

Welcome to our 8th grade worksheets! As eighth grade learners prepare for the first year of high school, they polish the skills they have and enjoy learning experiences that offer a different kind of flexibility than they are likely to face in high school.

Eighth graders require developed skills in informative and argument style writing, confident reading skills across genres, and skills in presentation and discussion. They are also asked to synthesize more often by gathering ideas and finding the connections. The demands of this age, across content areas, depend heavily on well-rounded literacy skills. Beyond this, these learners will likely be looking to the future and need to fine-tune their skills in executive functioning.

Designing Solutions Extension Activity Image

Designing Solutions Skills Extension Activity

Let’s think and plan with our Designing Solutions Skills Packet! Crafted for teachers instilling a passion for critical thinking, this resource guides students through real-world problem-solving scenarios. Differentiated for diverse learners, it fosters creativity and equips students with the skills needed to think about effective design solutions for others.This is…

Predicting Outcomes Extension Activity Image

Predicting Outcomes Extension Activity

Master the art of foresight with our Predicting Outcomes Extension Activity Packet! Ideal for educators shaping strategic thinking skills, this resource challenges students to analyze scenarios and anticipate results. This is also a great tool to promote organized discussion, teamwork, and empathy. A student’s ability to make informed predictions with…

Career Task Cards

Career Task Cards (3rd – 8th grade)

The future is bright! Spark students’ career curiosity by using unique task cards guiding them through exploration and plans for life ahead! Encourage career path exploration and skill assessment that will prepare students for the professional world. Don’t forget to make use of the presentation version in order to help…

Election Task Cards

Election Task Cards (3rd – 8th grade)

Equip your classroom with comprehensive task cards, igniting students’ understanding of the electoral process in many areas of life. Engage them in tasks that foster civic awareness and analytical thinking about leadership, voting, and the importance of active community involvement. Use the presentation version to anchor student focus on a…

Christmas Worksheets

Welcome to our page all about Christmas worksheets! Here, you’ll find a wide variety of holiday printable activities and worksheets for in the classroom or at home. Our Christmas printables include writing prompt activities, color by number worksheets, vocabulary activities and more!

Frayer Model Template - Printable PDF

Frayer Model Template Library

Teachers often use a Frayer Model template for teaching vocabulary. It’s a helpful graphic organizer that has four sections: definition, characteristics, examples, and non-examples. These sections are usually arranged in quadrants around the target word or concept in the middle. For example, let’s say you’re learning about the term “ecosystem.”…

Free, Printable KWL Chart Template

KWL Template Chart Library

Free, Printable KWL Chart PDFs A KWL chart template is often used in classrooms to help students organize their thoughts and make learning more effective. The chart is divided into three columns labeled ‘K’, ‘W’, and ‘L’, standing for “What I Know,” “What I Want to Know,” and “What I…

Cursive Writing Practice Worksheets image

Cursive Writing Practice Sheets (PDF)

The debate over whether or not cursive writing should be taught in schools or even practiced at all in modern society is certainly a contentious one. While it’s true that digital technology is taking over many aspects of our lives, including writing, the value of knowing how to write in…

Main Idea Anchor Chart

Main Idea Anchor Chart

Welcome to our main idea anchor chart resources! Analyzing a text for the main idea is central to literacy development. From the time learners are very young, all through their schooling and into real-world reading experiences, it’s important to understand the main idea of a text. This can be achieved…

Author's Purpose Anchor Chart - Elementary School

Author’s Purpose Anchor Chart

Welcome to our author’s purpose anchor chart page! With any text, it’s important to understand the author’s purpose for writing and sharing that particular piece. This analysis involves examining a written work to determine the primary reason or goal related to why the author wrote it. In general, the author…