NGLS Standard W.7 Worksheets (Writing for ELA and Literacy)

Below you’ll find materials aligned to Next Generation Learning Standards (NGLS). This page houses print-ready PDFs and digital PDF worksheets, packets, and lessons aligned to the NGLS standards for English Language Arts. Writing, Standard 7 (W7) is ” Gather relevant information from multiple sources, assess the credibility and accuracy of each source, and integrate the information in writing while avoiding plagiarism.” This standard applies to grades K-12.

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Author's Viewpoint Task Cards

Author’s Viewpoint Task Cards

What’s the author’s viewpoint? Let’s find out with these helpful author’s viewpoint task cards! Empower your students to reflect on how language reflects an author’s viewpoint, which is how the author feels about a topic. With the quotes provided, students will have an opportunity to determine whether the author’s viewpoint…

Note Taking Skills Extension Activity Image

Note Taking Skills Extension Activity

Note taking is a necessary skill for student and personal success! Transform note-taking into an art with our comprehensive Note Taking Skills Extension Activity Packet! Ideal for educators seeking to empower students with effective study habits, this resource facilitates note-taking skills and offers students a variety of options for exploring…